What is Your Truman Show?

If there are a million stories in the naked city, then there are billions out there on the Web.

Your Truman Show extends personal storytelling into a compelling social network of tomorrow's online reality stars and their fans. Anyone and everyone ready to share their thoughts, feelings, aspirations and observations now has a powerful and targeted online outlet for doing so.

The programming is as wide and varied as the personalities of the people who create channels on the network. It is theirs to express individual creativity and share first-hand accounts of personal dramas, hilarious tales, current events, behind-the-scenes coverage, special interests and almost anything that comes to mind. As more people capture their special moments on video, Your Truman Show empowers them to become real-life producers and stars.

The Place for Personal Video Stories

Your Truman Show is the only Internet video service solely dedicated to collecting personal stories.

Especially yours.

We believe six billion stories are waiting to be told, and you are the best person to tell your own. We want to give you a place to express your talent, to share your thoughts and dreams, to pass on your memories…to tell your story.

Connect with Your Favorite Storytellers

Rate, review, comment and connect.

On Your Truman Show you can vote for your favorite videos and rate specific qualities about them. You can write reviews and leave written and/or video comments. Other users can rate your videos and reviews. And you can even connect your stories together with our cool and intuitive visual V-linking tool.

Your Ticket to Celebrity

Rate, review and get rated

On Your Truman Show you can easily upload your videos and share them with your friends, your family and the entire world. By adding videos to your storyline, you can string episodes together to create your very own online TV series. Your Truman Show viewers rate the videos and comment on them. The highest ranking videos will feature prominently on the site, and a few will be promoted to some Hollywood bigwigs. That's right…with the help of Your Truman Show, you could be the next overnight star!